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Song Girls

World Famous USC Song Girls

2012 USC Song Girls

Alison, Kendall, Monica, Taylor, Mylea, Jessie, Kaitlin, Kassie, Cassy, Emily, Morgan

2011  USC Song Girls

Back Row: Julia, Taylor, Sarah, Kassie, Alison, Jacqueline

Front Row: Cassy, Simone, Alexandra, Amber, Kendall

Song Girls vs Minnesota

2010  USC Song Girls

Erin, Morgan, Amber, Shannon, Sarah, Abby, Taylor, Rachel, Shea, Shelley, Alexandra

2009  USC Song Girls

Back Row: Morgan, Shelley, Shannon, Becky, Rachel, Michelle
Front Row: Shea, Tianna, Lindsey, Adrianna, Erin

2008  USC Song Girls

Top Row: Giselle, Keli, Lauren, Becky, Christine, Stephanie, Michelle
Bottom Row: Lindsey, Christina, Adrianna, Allison, Jenny, Tianna, Sydnee

2007  USC Song Girls

Top Row: Allison, Stephanie, Jennifer, Sarah, Lauren

Bottom Row: Christina, Ruth, Tianna, Diana, Christine, Jenny (floor)

Song Girl Photos